Santé mentale au Québec, published twice yearly, edited its first issue (vol. I, no. 1) in September 1976. A few months later, the second issue (vol. II, no. 1) was published. Since then, a new issue is released every six months. In November 2006, Santé mentale au Québec published its 62nd issue.

In volume IV, no. 2 (1979), Santé mentale au Québec published its first thematic dossier: La femme québécoise/The Québec woman. Since 1983 (vol. VIII, no. 1), Santé mentale au Québec publishes a thematic dossier in each issue, the articles of general interest appear in the Mosaïques section.

Santé mentale au Québec favours a policy of numerically preserving its archives and making them available free of charge to a widest possible audience. In order to do so, Santé mentale au Québec has chosen to make available all articles and all documents published as supplements, except for the articles and supplements of the past three years that are available only by subscription or purchase per issue.

Santé mentale au Québec can be consulted by article, abstract or by heading (editorial, brief communication, book or publication review under the heading J’ai lu, Letters to the editor and regional news and events). It is possible to refine consultation of abstracts by using the following subtitles: authors, volume, and theme. For articles, consultation can also be made with key words in a pre-established list.

On the website of Télé-université (UQAM), consultation of articles in a PDF format can be done by author, issue and key words.

On Érudit’s website, full-length articles in PDF format (also HTML) can be consulted free of charge by volumes. Moreover, it is on this website that articles of the last three years can be consulted online with an electronic subscription.


Articles published in Santé mentale au Québec generally count between 3500 and 5000 words. Every article is evaluated anonymously by external arbitrators and by members of the editorial board. Reviews are submitted to the author who must modify accordingly before final acceptation. Every article is edited linguistically and submitted to the authors for final approval.